Transport and Distribution

Our team of professionals and technicians are specialized in designing solutions in transport, storage, distribution and handling of cargo allowing to provide a more intelligent solution for companies that have decided to outsource their services and thus concentrate on production and sales.


We have our own warehouse equipped with 24-hour guards, alarm connected to police and surveillance by closed circuit connected to the Internet. This will generate the safety you seek when storing goods which your business depends on.

Containers transportation

With this, our company enhances its logistics not only in warehousing, but also in the movement of products within Chile, maintaining the quality of our logistics services. Direct and deferred container transport delivery to and from ports.


Distribution transportation for exclusive or shared cars, scheduled to final customer distribution, value-added services.

Itegral logistic (Integral solutions)

Integral solutions for the supply and distribution chain incorporating reception of goods, storage and processing to add value as well as preparing the shipment in Chile or export and imports.


Product Storage

-Inventory control via customer specifications.
-Internal code labelling.
-Selective racks storage, floor or shelves, hanging as product features or specifications.
-Cargo insurance and liability.
-Location control.

Product Reception

– Receive notification entrance in advance.
– Truck reception to CED BHA.
-Visual Inspection of doors and transportation seals.
– Documentary verification of the waybill, bill parking list.
-Download of the product under different standards.
– Documentary and physical review of the product, counting units versus product documentation.
– Load entrance to the CED BHA on 1º review area.
-Report of receipt and notification.
-Armed pallets (certificates).
-On Hook garment.
-BHA system entrance.
-Transfer of goods to storage area.